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Flex localization with Resource Bundles

July 3, 20099 Comments

Working with resource bundles in Flex is (surprise, surprise) relatively easy and pretty cool. They’re a great way to separate content from code and localize your flex apps. You have the choice to either compile the different locales statically into the app, or load them dynamically using the ResourceManager. Adding support for different locales First […]

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TransformManager fix for Mac Firefox

June 15, 20090 Comments

This post is specifically about Jack Doyle’s (aka greensock) awesome TransformManager tool, but the overall idea solves the issue of mouse up events when releasing the mouse button outside the stage in Mac Firefox. In case you didn’t know already, in Firefox on the Mac there is a problem with releasing the mouse outside the […]

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Flex 4 stuff up on labs

June 1, 20091 Comment

New releases of Flash Builder and the Flex SDK are up on Adobe Labs. I’m very excited about the new version of Flex, it seems to work out a lot of the issues I had with Flex 3. States actually look easy to use now, and skinning and styling looks much, much improved. There’s a […]

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May 22, 20090 Comments

YEAH!! Saw this on, one of my favorite childhood tv shows (actually it was a mini-series), V, is coming back, and it looks pretty sweet! Check out the trailer here. Hopefully this can replace Sarah Connor as one of my must-watch shows.

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Error installing AIR app

May 20, 20091 Comment

I was trying to install an AIR app I’m working on, and during the install process kept getting hit with this error: The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author. I tried a few solutions I came across (one involving deleting […]

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Have you checked out Adobe Labs recently?

May 19, 20090 Comments

I heard about Adobe Story this morning, so I headed over to Adobe Labs to check it out. While I was there I found a few more interesting projects I haven;t yet heard of: Genesis : Genesis is the code-name for a new product initiative at Adobe with the objective of joining business applications, documents […]

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Flash Builder

May 18, 20090 Comments

Everybody knows by now that Flex Builder is now Flash Builder, which i think is a great move. With all the chatter about it, one thought just keeps popping up for me: how much of a non-impact this is on my daily work and career. Yeah, I’ve gone through the whole thing about explaining flex […]

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I’ve starting tweeting

May 4, 20091 Comment

I’ve finally had enough of hearing about Twitter and not checking it out, so I went and signed up. You can follow me as flashape Any pointers for a twitter newb are appreciated…I’d like to integrate my blog and my tweets actually. Is there an adobe twitter aggregator or anything?

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The “New”…seriously???

April 16, 20099 Comments

Got an email today about the “new”….ugh. That’s kind of like hearing about “the new Enron”. If you don’t remember RegisterFly read about them here, but long story short they were one of the worst domain name registrar scandals, ultimately losing their ICANN accreditation and causing me and plenty of others A LOT of […]

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DockableFlex – Nice!

April 14, 20090 Comments

Wow, just came across DockableFlex: DockableFlex is an open source component library based on Adobe Flex 3. It provides basic dock support for the Panel Component. Looks pretty slick, if you’ve ever tried dragging tabbed panels around in photoshop or in the Eclipse IDE, you get the idea.

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