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Flex 2 released…yay…

June 28, 20064 Comments

…but not for mac! this is torture. please someone give me some good news for the mac version. update: ok, so at least i’ve got this to play around with for a little while:

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WordPress themes

June 27, 20064 Comments

switching to wordpress was the best move I’ve made for my blog. Everything is so simple, and there are tons of themes and plugins available (also usually extrememly easy to install). Speaking of themes, there is a MONSTER list of free themes available at…no screenshots though, just links. There’s a bunch of other theme […]

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Sharing itunes library between deifferent users on the same machine

June 22, 20060 Comments

I’ve tried a number of ways to get this to work, and most of them didnt turn out the way I wanteds them too…usually you could share the library, but you’d run into some permissions issues when you wanted to delete or burn a cd or whatever. I found this post on that describes […]

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