WordPress themes

switching to wordpress was the best move I’ve made for my blog. Everything is so simple, and there are tons of themes and plugins available (also usually extrememly easy to install). Speaking of themes, there is a MONSTER list of free themes available at http://www.emilyrobbins.com/how-to-blog/comprehensive-list-of-615-free-wordpress-15-and-20-themes-templates-available-for-download-266.htm…no screenshots though, just links. There’s a bunch of other theme viewers out there which do have screenshots, but the list at emily robbins has a nice selection, looks pretty up to date, and has good info as far as what each theme supports.

Sharing itunes library between deifferent users on the same machine

I’ve tried a number of ways to get this to work, and most of them didnt turn out the way I wanteds them too…usually you could share the library, but you’d run into some permissions issues when you wanted to delete or burn a cd or whatever. I found this post on captnswing.net that describes how to do it, and it works almost flawlessly. The one minor drawback is that you can only run one itunes at a time…so if you use fast user switching and forget to close itunes before logging in then you’d need to go back and quit the other usere’s itunes. it invloves copying and pasting some commands into the terminal, but it was a piece of cake, and the best method of sharing i’ve found yet.

He also has a similar post on how to share your iphoto library.