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Protected: App Demo

July 28, 20130 Comments

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Issue with Flash Media Server 4 and value

June 24, 20110 Comments

In Flash Media Server 4, the way the Server-Side Actionscript property is represented has changed…but if you’re using the Admin API, it is still expecting the old version. Previously, Flash clients connected to Flash Media Server would be given a server-generated id which looked something like “oAADAAAA” (this is the value you would see […]

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Speed up browsing SMB shares on a Mac

March 29, 20110 Comments

Browsing SMB shares in Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) was killing me, sometimes taking almost a minute for a simple directory listing. Finally getting fed up I found a simple solution here that dramatically improved the speed of browsing the smb share: .

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Append html text to a spark TextArea component

February 1, 20112 Comments

Ran into an issue today trying to figure out how to append additional html formatted text to a Spark TextArea component. As stated here the insertText() and appendText() methods always add the new text as a literal string, meaning the html content doesn’t get parsed. In Spark, when you’re dealing with the text components and […]

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NetConnection.nearID throws an error if not connected

October 16, 20100 Comments

It doesn’t say this in the docs anywhere, but if you try to access NetConnection.nearID before the NetConnection is actually connected, it will throw an error (unlike most other properties which would simply return null). Use NetConnection.connected to check first.

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NetStream.onPeerConnect handler must be a generic object

October 4, 20103 Comments

Doing some work with Flash Media Server and ran into a weird issue today. The Netstream class has a property called “client” which allows you to set an object to receive various callbacks. When I tried assigning the NetStream.onPeerConnect() callback to a method in my class, it would never fire. The only way I could […]

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Mac eclipse word boundary issue fix

June 21, 201011 Comments

After updating Java on Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) I hit a crazy issue with my Flash Builder install, where the editors no longer recognized the dot character as a word separator. This was driving me totally crazy since I’m always using the arrow keys to move around and edit text. After giving up completely […]

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SpamAssassin 2010 bug

February 23, 20100 Comments

I have a DV server over at MediaTemple, and recently I started to get a lot of legitimate mail marked as spam. I checked out the raw headers in the email, and they all had FH_DATE_PAST_20XX in the X-Spam-Status header. Turns out SpamAssassin had a bug with that particular rule, which would make it think […]

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Amazon S3 “RequestTimeTooSkewed” error

January 21, 20101 Comment

I was trying to connect to S3 today, and both Transmit and Forklift were giving me connection errors: xml < view plain text > <Error>     <Code>RequestTimeTooSkewed</Code>     <Message>The difference between the request time and the current time is too large.</Message>     <MaxAllowedSkewMilliseconds>900000</MaxAllowedSkewMilliseconds>     <RequestId>68532E845A05B015</RequestId>     <HostId>FfoBOO+7Kh+0Aa35f+Oa0P+Beeym+10LNyLVTGI3VgEHkVjotak8+L1QHaWOsIaf</HostId>     <RequestTime>Fri, […]

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Sending an ArrayCollection – Flex to amfphp

November 20, 20095 Comments

Here are my tweaks to amfphp for sending an ArrayCollection from Flex to amfphp. May not be the cleanest or most proper but it works. From what I understand, there is an ArrayCollection class included in Zend_AMF, but I haven’t looked into that. I’ve been sending ArrayCollections from php to Flex for a while, it’s […]

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